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"Chibi Art Class" by Yoai Book Review and Flip Through Video

"Chibi Art Class" by Yoai Book Review and Flip Through Video

Chibi Art Class by Yaoi

I want to take a short break from "Serious Portraits Paintings".  I want to paint something that is cute and quick.  Since I love Japanese Manga and Anime, so I decided to paint some chibi characters.  I did some research online and found Yoai's book, it has very good reviews and I love her style, so I ordered it on Amazon.  

Chibi Art Class Flip through Video:

Here is what I think about this book:

This book covers materials, chibi basics, 17 step by step tutorials (includes girls, boys and beasties), inspired gallery etc.  Yoai used different medias (watercolor, marker and color pencils) on the tutorials, so you can learn to color in different ways.  Her instruction is very easy to follow. My 10 years old son enjoys this book as well.

I followed several of her tutorials, I did modify a bit, like I used watercolor and changed the colors.

Chibi Art Class: Watercolor Chibi Drawing

Chibi Art Class: Chibi Style Watercolor Drawings
Chibi Art Class:  Watercolor Chibi Drawings

Chibi Art Class: Watercolor Chibi Manga Drawing


I highly recommend this book if you want to learn Chibi Style.  This book write in simple instruction, and clear step by step pics.   It is a great book for all ages.

You can order from Amazon.
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Monday, August 12, 2019

Book Review: Painting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor by Paul Jackson

Book Review:

Painting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor

by Paul Jackson

Painting Spectacular Light Effect in Watercolor by Paul Jackson

 If you haven't heard of Paul Jackson, let me tell you a little bit about him.  You have to look him up, and look at his artwork.  He is very good at Painting Light Effect in Watercolor.  I fell in love with his painting.  Then I found out that he wrote a book about how to Paint Light Effects in watercolor, I knew I have to get it.

This book is great book for advanced beginner to experienced artist.  It covers Basic Watercolor Painting Techniques, and then he talks about Elements of Light and Qualities of Light.  And it includes 7 Step by Step Projects.  From simple like glass and silverware to firewok (the cover) to Streetlights in the Fog.

Content of the book:

Below are the examples of the projects.



I really enjoy reading this book, Paul Jackson explains everything clearly.  After reading this book, I have understood about "Light".  The best part of the books is the "Step by Step Projects".   I can see how he painted and achieved all the effects.  It helps me tremendously.  This book is specific for Painting Light Effects, so if you want to learn about painting light effects in watercolor, you won't be disappointed.

Here is the flip through video, you can see the book.

You can order this book on Amazon.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

DIY Watercolor Color Swatch Cards Tutorial with Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp

DIY Watercolor Color Swatch Cards Tutorial with Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp 

Watercolor Color Swatch Cards


I love making Color Swatch Cards, but I hate to draw the grids etc.  Then I saw someone posted Color Swatch Card Stamp on Instagram.  I knew I needed it!!  So I did more research, I found that Waffle Flower has 2 Color Swatch Stamp Sets and a Color Wheel Stamp Set.  I have been wanting to make Color Swatch Cards, so I ordered the Color Swatch Card Stamp Set.


The Stamp is about ATC size.  It is 2"x3".  It comes with 1 stamp in this set.  They do have a Combo which includes Stamp and Dies.  


This Swatch Card Stamp includes all the important info you need for your references.  


1st Row: Masstone (it is basically the undiluted paint), 


2nd Row: You will paint your color full strength till a little past the half point, then you will do the gradient.  **I also did the "Stain Test" on this strip.


3rd Row: Name (Color Name), Brand


4th Row: G (Granulation), T (Transparency), S (Stain), LF (Lightfastness) 


Last Row: Pigment Number.  

Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp Set


I ordered the Stamp only.  It is because I have a Sizzix Album Die which I bought several years ago, and I have never opened it.  lol  I know it would be perfect for this project.  I love that it has 3 rings, so I can make it as a Color Swatch Book.


The finished Watercolor Swatch Cardswith all the info filled up.



What do you need to make Watercolor Color Swatch Card?


Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp:
Color Swatch Card Stamp

Color Swatch 5x7 Stamp Set



I used Bee Paper 100% Cotton 140lbs.  It is the first time I used their paper.  So far, I really like it.  The price is good, and I don't feel bad to use them as Color Swatch Cards.  I can't wait to paint with it.  It will be a great alternative for Arches Papers.  And it will save me a lot of money.


Ink Pad:

StarzOn or any Permanent Ink Pad, make sure it is not Water based.  


Stamp Block:

Any Acrylic Block will work.

But I used my DIY Stamp Positioning Tool.



In this video, I used Daniel Smith Prima Tek Set



I used Black Velvet Round Brush Size 6.


Here is the tutorial video:





 You can see the finished Water Color Swatch Card below.


This one is Sennelier Lemon Yellow Color Swatch Card




I am highly recommend this stamp for anyone.  I think Color Swatch Cards are essentially for painting.  It comes with handy when you try to color match.  Also, you learn so much more about your paints when you are painting the Swatch Cards.  And I think their prices are very reasonable.   


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Monday, October 8, 2018

Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set Review and Unboxed Video

Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set Review and Unboxed Video


Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set


I am so excited to try out this Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set after my friend showed me how she painted her dogs with this set.  I love the textures and undertones.

This DS mineral watercolor mixing set comes with 6 tubes of watercolors (5ml):

- Rhodnite
- Jadeite
- Amethyst
- Mayan Blue
- Hematite
- Piemontite

It also comes with a bottle of Gound and a mixing sheet.


Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set Color Swatch


Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set Color Chart


This set is great for mixing colors.  Because their unique undertones and textures, when you mixed it with different colors, it gives you beautiful undertones.  Like when I mixed Hermatite with Rhodonite, if I used more Hermatite, it will be blackish with pink undertone.  If I used more Rhodonite than Hermatite, it will be Pink with Black undertone.  You can see my mixing chart below.


Daniel Smith Mineral Watercolor Mixing Set Color Chart


These colors are very granulated.  They are heavier in body and settle into the valleys of your paper leaving behind wonderful granulation and texture.  So if you don't like granulation, this set is not for you.  I usually don't really care about granulation, but with the unique undertones, I am in love with it.  I can see that I will use them a lot for landscape paintings. 

My favorite color is Amethyst. It has beautiful sparkling undertones.  You can see it in this Unboxed Video.  However, it looks a lot prettier in person.


You can order this set at Amazon

Or you can buy it at Michael's. (Don't forget your coupon)

I used Canson Montval Paper for the Color Swatch:

Black Velvet Brush


In a conclusion, I think it is great set for anyone who wants to try out Daniel Smith Prima Tek Set.  Because Prima Tek Set is a lot more expensive.  This set is cheaper than Prima Tek Set.  Also, for those looking for granulation and texture, you will definitely love it.  However, if you just want to test out Daniel Smith, I will recommend to get their Primary Colors Set or Essential Introductory Set instead.  So you can really test Daniel Smith out.  Because this set is not the typical DS watercolors.

Do you have this set?  How do you like it?  Leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Inking Animals by Sova Huova Book Review

Inking Animals by Sova Huova Book Review

Recently I am very into watercolor and illustration.  I haven't posted much on my blog, but you can check out my IG Art By Waiyi.  You can see all my art works. So I have been reading a lot of watercolor and illustration books.  I just received this great Illustration Book called Inking Animals by Sova Huova.  I want to do a book review for this book.  Because I really like this book.

This book is great for anyone who are interested in Animals Illustration/ drawing or painting.  Sova  teach you how to paint animals with watercolor and ink.  See the contents below.

She covers the basics of Inking, drawing and watercolor of animals.  This book is perfect for beginners or even experienced artists.  And she covers all kinds of animals, from woodland to domestics, birds, exotic and imaginary creatures.   Each animal sections, she has several Step-by-Step tutorials.  My favorites are Bear, Fox, Fawn, Rabbit, Donkey, Elephant and Rhino.  See the pics below.

Inking Animals - Bear Tutorial

Inking Animals - Donkey Tutorial

Inking Animals - Fox Tutorial

Inking Animals - Fawn Tutorial

Inking Animals - Rabbit Tutorial

Inking Animals - Rhino Tutorial

Inking Animals - Elephant Tutorial

Each tutorial, she uses different techniques.  Some use wet in wet, some use just inking etc.  I learn so much from this book.  From the pics, you can see her style is more whimsical and cute side.  I really like her style.  Another thing, she covers tips about digitalize your artwork.  


In conclusion, I highly recommended this book for anyone who are interested in drawing or painting animals.  The tutorials are easy to follow.  She explains everything clearly.  And she covers a lot of different animals.

You can order her book here.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack Review

Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack Review

What is Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack?

If you have done research on watercolor paints, you will be familiar with Sennelier.  Sennelier is very popular in European Countries.  A lot of watercolorists love Sennelier because of their Glazing and Layering Abilities.

This Test Pack is like a "Sample Kit", it comes with 5 tubes (10ml each).   And it is $12.89 (you can order from Jerry's Artarama website) 
Colors are:
Lemon Yellow (501) (Pigment PY3)
Bright Red (619) (Pigment Not Listed)
Ultramarine Deep (315) (Pigment PB29)
Chinese Orange (645) (Pigment PY150, PR 209 and PBr23)
Payne's Gray (703) (PV19, PB15:1 and PBk7)

Sennellier Watercolor Test Pack Review

Here is the Color Chart and Color Wheel I made:
Sennellier Watercolor Test Pack Color Swatch

Sennellier Watercolor Test Pack Colorwheel

 Here is what I thought about Sennelier Watercolor Test Pack:

I have never tried tubes before, I only have experience with Liquid Watercolor (Dr Ph Martin's Hydrus Watercolor).  I am really impressed with this set.  When I mixed the color with water, it mixed very smooth, the color and water just melt together.  I don't know how to explain!  lol  And the pigments are very strong.  A little goes a long way. 

Here is the painting I used all the colors from the set

Watercolor Banana Painting with Sennellier Watercolor Tester Pack
The banana image is from Yuko Nagayama's book "You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons".  I followed her instructions.  I think it turns quite nice!!  It is my first time to paint Fruit.  I will do a book review next week.  Her book is very good!  Great info and I do learn a lot from her.  I highly recommend her book.

Yuko Nagayama

Anyway, I used all 5 colors to paint this banana.  In the book, she used Holbein and she used 7 colors.  I just mixed my colors to match hers.  The paints are dream to work with.  When I mixed mistake, I have time to correct it, and it doesn't stain too bad like my Dr Ph Martin's Hyrdus. 

The paints rewet easily, just a drop of water and it comes back life!!  lol  I think it is because they have HONEY in the paints.  Also, it is great for Glazing and Layering.  I understand why I hear a lot of good reviews.

Besides the Test Pack, Sennelier has different Tube Sets and Pan Sets.
Tube Sets: 8 Tubes Travel Set (which is super cute), 12 Tubes Set and 96 Tubes Set.
Pan Sets: Mini Set, Metal Case Sets and Travel Sets.
If you like Billy Showell's artwork, you may be interested in Sennellier Billy Showell Palatte.  Her palette is beautiful!!


In conclusion, I highly recommended this Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack.  It is less than $13, and you get 5 tubes, it is less than $3 per tube.  You can't beat the price.  I personally didn't want to invest a huge chunk of money in a palette before I tried them out.  So I am so glad that Sennellier offers Test Pack at such a low price.  Daniel Smith and M Graham also offer Introductory Kits like that, but their prices are a lot more expensive and the tubes are smaller sizes. 

Leave me a comment if you have experience with Sennellier, I would love to know more about it.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Working on my Retro Dress Sewing Pattern for American Girl Dolls

Working on my Retro Dress Sewing Pattern For American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls in my new Retro Dress Design

My New Retro Dress Sewing Pattern for American Girl Dolls:

This is the latest sewing pattern I am working right now, I always like retro styles especially the 60s and 70s styles.  When I look at my girls Emily Bennett and Kit Kittredge, I know they would look stunning with the Retro Dresses.  That's why I wanted to design retro dress.  And I am RIGHT, they both look beautiful in the dresses.

American Girl Doll Emily Bennett with My White 534 Serger

 I had this Hello Kitty Fabrics for years, I am so glad that I finally found something to sew with.  This Hello Kitty fabrics are so cute, it makes a cute Retro Dress.  BTW, I think Emily looks like a "Sales Representative" for my White 534 Serger.  lol 

American Girl Doll Kit Kittredge with my White 534 Serger

This version is a little different than the Hello Kitty dress, I didn't add the buttons on the front.  Because I think it looks better without it.  I got this cute fabrics at JoAnn.  I like the 70s retro feel of the fabric, it is perfect for this sewing pattern

The Retro Dress Doll Pattern is almost ready...

My Retro Dress Doll Pattern for American Girl Dolls is almost ready.  I finished the PDF guide, I just need to draft the pattern pieces.  Hopefully it would be done by the end of this week.

Stay tune for the update.