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Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack Review

Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack Review

What is Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack?

If you have done research on watercolor paints, you will be familiar with Sennelier.  Sennelier is very popular in European Countries.  A lot of watercolorists love Sennelier because of their Glazing and Layering Abilities.

This Test Pack is like a "Sample Kit", it comes with 5 tubes (10ml each).   And it is $12.89 (you can order from Jerry's Artarama website) 
Colors are:
Lemon Yellow (501) (Pigment PY3)
Bright Red (619) (Pigment Not Listed)
Ultramarine Deep (315) (Pigment PB29)
Chinese Orange (645) (Pigment PY150, PR 209 and PBr23)
Payne's Gray (703) (PV19, PB15:1 and PBk7)

Sennellier Watercolor Test Pack Review

Here is the Color Chart and Color Wheel I made:
Sennellier Watercolor Test Pack Color Swatch

Sennellier Watercolor Test Pack Colorwheel

 Here is what I thought about Sennelier Watercolor Test Pack:

I have never tried tubes before, I only have experience with Liquid Watercolor (Dr Ph Martin's Hydrus Watercolor).  I am really impressed with this set.  When I mixed the color with water, it mixed very smooth, the color and water just melt together.  I don't know how to explain!  lol  And the pigments are very strong.  A little goes a long way. 

Here is the painting I used all the colors from the set

Watercolor Banana Painting with Sennellier Watercolor Tester Pack
The banana image is from Yuko Nagayama's book "You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons".  I followed her instructions.  I think it turns quite nice!!  It is my first time to paint Fruit.  I will do a book review next week.  Her book is very good!  Great info and I do learn a lot from her.  I highly recommend her book.

Yuko Nagayama

Anyway, I used all 5 colors to paint this banana.  In the book, she used Holbein and she used 7 colors.  I just mixed my colors to match hers.  The paints are dream to work with.  When I mixed mistake, I have time to correct it, and it doesn't stain too bad like my Dr Ph Martin's Hyrdus. 

The paints rewet easily, just a drop of water and it comes back life!!  lol  I think it is because they have HONEY in the paints.  Also, it is great for Glazing and Layering.  I understand why I hear a lot of good reviews.

Besides the Test Pack, Sennelier has different Tube Sets and Pan Sets.
Tube Sets: 8 Tubes Travel Set (which is super cute), 12 Tubes Set and 96 Tubes Set.
Pan Sets: Mini Set, Metal Case Sets and Travel Sets.
If you like Billy Showell's artwork, you may be interested in Sennellier Billy Showell Palatte.  Her palette is beautiful!!


In conclusion, I highly recommended this Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolors Test Pack.  It is less than $13, and you get 5 tubes, it is less than $3 per tube.  You can't beat the price.  I personally didn't want to invest a huge chunk of money in a palette before I tried them out.  So I am so glad that Sennellier offers Test Pack at such a low price.  Daniel Smith and M Graham also offer Introductory Kits like that, but their prices are a lot more expensive and the tubes are smaller sizes. 

Leave me a comment if you have experience with Sennellier, I would love to know more about it.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Working on my Retro Dress Sewing Pattern for American Girl Dolls

Working on my Retro Dress Sewing Pattern For American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls in my new Retro Dress Design

My New Retro Dress Sewing Pattern for American Girl Dolls:

This is the latest sewing pattern I am working right now, I always like retro styles especially the 60s and 70s styles.  When I look at my girls Emily Bennett and Kit Kittredge, I know they would look stunning with the Retro Dresses.  That's why I wanted to design retro dress.  And I am RIGHT, they both look beautiful in the dresses.

American Girl Doll Emily Bennett with My White 534 Serger

 I had this Hello Kitty Fabrics for years, I am so glad that I finally found something to sew with.  This Hello Kitty fabrics are so cute, it makes a cute Retro Dress.  BTW, I think Emily looks like a "Sales Representative" for my White 534 Serger.  lol 

American Girl Doll Kit Kittredge with my White 534 Serger

This version is a little different than the Hello Kitty dress, I didn't add the buttons on the front.  Because I think it looks better without it.  I got this cute fabrics at JoAnn.  I like the 70s retro feel of the fabric, it is perfect for this sewing pattern

The Retro Dress Doll Pattern is almost ready...

My Retro Dress Doll Pattern for American Girl Dolls is almost ready.  I finished the PDF guide, I just need to draft the pattern pieces.  Hopefully it would be done by the end of this week.

Stay tune for the update.

Monday, September 18, 2017

My first 18 inch Doll Clothes PDF Sewing Pattern

My First 18 inch Doll Clothes PDF Sewing Patter

18 inch doll clothes sewing pattern

I am very excited that my first 18 inch doll clothes PDF sewing pattern is ready for sale at my Etsy Store.  This cute Sailormoon Inspired Sailor Dress is super cute.  It reminds me of Japanese school uniforms.  

This pattern is for 18 inch Dolls such as American Girl Dolls, Our Generation Dolls (From Target), if you have a Journey Girl Dolls (from Toy R Us), it may be too big for them, since they have slimmer bodies than AG and OG dolls.

This PDF sewing patterns include 19 pages step-by-step instructions with full color photos.  This pattern is easy to sew, perfect project for beginners.  

Materials for 18 inch Doll Clothes Sailor Dress:

Blue Fabric 1/4 yard

White Fabric 3/8 yard

Velcro (1/2" wide) 5"

Red Ribbon (7/8") 14"

Sailor Dress Sewing Pattern for American Girl Dolls

I also tried this pattern with Rose Pattern Fabrics, it looks so cute too.   

American Girl Doll Sailor Dress Sewing Pattern

I think Kit looks super cute with this dress.  I can't wait to try different fabrics with this pattern.

See how cute Emily and Kit look with this Sailor Dress:

American Girl Doll Sailor Dress

More pics of American Girl Doll Sailor Dress:

Emily Bennett in Sailor Dress Outfit with Julie's Bike

Kit in Sailor Dress Outfit with Julie's Bike

You can order your copy via my Etsy Store, click here to order.

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Hope you guys enjoy my American Girl Doll Sewing Pattern and my AG Photography.


Friday, September 8, 2017

My White 534 Serger is working!

My White 534 Serger is working!!

White 534 Serger

I bought this used White 534 Serger 7 years ago. My husband took them apart to clean, but he never put them back.  So it sat in the box with all parts not attached for 7 years.  Finally, I told him that for our 19 th Anniversary, I want him to restore my White 534 Serger as an anniversary gift.  And I am glad that he did it!  He finished it by our anniversary!!  YEAH!!  It is the best anniversary gift EVER!!  lol

This is my first serger.  I have never used a serger before, I have no idea how to use it properly.  My hubby got me a serger book as another anniversary gift, it is called The complete Serger Handbook. 

This is a great book for beginners.  I learn so much from it, and I love the photos.  They are clear, so I can compare my stitches easier, not like the serger manual, it is hard to read, because they are not "photo", they are drawings.  Highly recommend this book if you are new to serger.

I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, but I am planning to make a Serger Cover with this little machine.  I am very excited for my first serger project.  And I can't wait to use it for my 18 inch doll clothes, my doll clothes are going to look much more professional.


Video of White 534 Serger in action:



Do you own a serger?  Show me your serger projects.  Inspire me!  









Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sailor Moon Outfit for 18 inch dolls American Girl Dolls - Emily and Kit

Sailor Moon Outfit for 18 inch Dolls American Girl Dolls - Emily and Kit

Sailor Moon Outfit for 18 inch Dolls American Girl Dolls

Sailor Moon + American Girl Doll = Super Cute!!

Did you watch Sailor Moon when you were kids?  If you did, you would love my handmade sailor moon outfits for Emily and Kit. Originally, I just wanted to make them a sailor dresses, because I think it would look cute on them.  I didn't think about Sailor Moon at all.  But when I posted the pics of them wearing the sailor dresses, everyone said "Sailor Moon".  

Sailor Moon Dress - Kit Kittredge

Sailor Moon Dress - Emily Bennett

I made Kit's dress first, I think her bow is way too big.  So when I made Emily's dress, I made the bow smaller and I modified a bit.  I really like how it turned out.  They both look super cute in the Sailor Moon Outfit.

I really enjoy sewing doll clothes, it is fun!  And it takes a lot less time to finish the projects, not like sewing for kids and adults.  Plus, I can use all my scrap fabrics.  Like these sailor moon outfit, I use less than 1/4 yard (each color) for 1 dress. 

Who wore it best?  Let's vote!

American Girl Doll - Kit Kittredge

American Girl Doll - Emily Bennett


I hope you enjoyed my AG photography!  Right now I am working on my first sewing pattern (the Sailor Moon Outfit) for 18 inch dolls (like American Girl Dolls, Our Generations Doll etc)  Hopefully, it would be done by the end of next week. 


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

18 inch Doll Clothes / American Girl Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 Review

18 inch Doll Clothes / American Girl 

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 Review

18 inch Doll Clothes / American Girl Sewing Pattern Review

I haven't sewed for a long time.  Since I have 2 cute little dolls Emily (American Girl) and Lilian (hearts for hearts girls), I want to handmade some cute outfits for them.  Joann Fabrics had a sale on Simplicity Sewing Patterns, so I picked up 2 patterns - D0677 (as pic above) and D0680.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 Review:

- I think this pattern is a great value, there are 4 outfits and a bag patterns, included 2 tank tops, 3/4 sleeves top (the one I sewed), 1 pants, 1 shorts, 1 skirt (the pic below) and a dress.

- I love the style, it is very simple but trendy.  Not boring old fashion doll clothes.  They are like "real" fashion that I would wear every day.

- I sewed Top B and Skirt G (see more pics below)

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 - Top B

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 - Skirt D

- They are fairly easy to sew.  But there are some tricky parts.  Like the top you will need knit fabrics like interlock, jersey etc.  Sewing stretchy fabrics is a little bit more difficult than non-stretchy fabrics.  And you will need to sew "bias tape" in curve.  These 2 parts could be a little bit difficult for beginners.  Therefore, I would say that this pattern is for advanced beginners.

- About the fit, I would say it is "slim fit" style.  (See Pics).  Especially on the waist, it is tight fit.  If you have an older AG dolls, you may need to modify a little bit.

Handmade 18 inch doll clothes for American Girl Emily

Outdoor Shot of Simplicity D0677

- If you are looking for causal wear, I definitely recommend Simplicity D0677.  It is stylish and look great on Emily.

For Emily's Shoes:

I found this cute pair of sneakers at Michael's, I used 60% off coupon, so the total is only $3.  It is a Deal!!  Michael's has some nice selections of 18 inch doll clothes, shoes and accessories.  With coupon, they are super cheap.

18 inch doll shoes from Michael's

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Monday, August 7, 2017

My Newest Doll Obession - American Girl Dolls and Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll

My Newest Craft Obession - American Girl Dolls and Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls

Emily (from American Girl Doll) and Lilian (from Hearts for Hearts Girls) 

Yes, I am into the Doll World now!!  It is my newest Craft Obession.  I always like to sew girl clothes, but I have a boy, and boy sewing patterns are boring.  lol  Then one day I saw some beautiful dolls images on Instagram.  I started to fall in love with dolls.  I did a lot of research, I found out 18-inch dolls such as American Girl Dolls, Our Generations Dolls, Journey Girls Dolls are the most popular and common in the Doll Market.  And I saw there are so many sewing patterns on Etsy and the BIG Pattern companies like Simplicity, McCall's and Butterick.  

I decided to get myself a 18-inch doll, and I also found the dolls from Hearts for Hearts (h4h) are so beautiful, even though there are not too many sewing patterns for them.  But I can't help to get myself a h4h doll.

My search for Emily:

During the search for 18-inch doll, first I didn't want to get a American Girl Doll (AG), coz it is too expensive.  I was planning to get a Journey Girls (from Toy R Us).  Journey Girls are around $30.  And AG is around $115.  But I found out that Journey Girls and AG are different body shape which mean most the sewing patterns won't fit them.  Therefore, it left me no choice to get a AG doll.

American Girl Doll Retired Historical Doll - Emily Bennet

I went to AG website, I was lost, there are so many choices.  I don't know what to get.  Then I read more and more.  I know that I would want a Historical Doll, I just like the way they look and dressed, also the beautiful stories behind them.

I looked at millions pictures online.  I was down to Emily (the pic above), Kit and Felicity.  I like them all.  But I was more draw to Emily.   And I made a decision, Emily would be my first AG doll (you heard it right, I plan to get 1 or 2 more in future)  I checked Ebay, I found that there are a lot of listing for Emily.  

I found my Emily on Ebay, it was $60, the seller claimed the doll in good condition.  But once I received it, it is not.  So $60, I think it is over-priced.  I am not really happy with the seller, I messaged about that, he didn't mention anything about the big scratches on her nose and cheek, marks on her legs.  It has been 3 days, I still haven't heard from the seller.  :(

My Search for Lilan:

Hearts for Hearts Girl Retired Doll - Lilan


I also found Lilian on Ebay.  I originally plan to get Bell.  But I saw Lilian, I really love her blue eyes and her clothes.  But she is retired doll, h4h didn't make her anymore.  She is kind of rare, it is hard to find.  I found only few eBay listings for her.  I was lucky to get for a little over $20 (include shipping).  She comes with a pants for 18-inch dolls and no shoes.  So I sewed her a shorts and a pair of red shoes real quick. The new shorts and shoes look good on her, don't you think so?

Handmade Doll Shoes for Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll

More pics of Lilian and Emily:

American Girl Doll - Emily Bennet

Hearts for Hearts Girl Doll - Lilian


I just sewed Emily a top and skirt with Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677.

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