Sunday, January 1, 2017

Review Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Calligraphy Ink - Modern Calligraphy

Review: Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink


Modern Calligraphy


I am new to Modern Calligraphy, I just started about 3 months ago.  I have been really enjoying my new hobby!  It really therapeutic and calming!  It is a good way to relax before I go to bed.  I love to practice my drills right before I go to bed.  I think I sleep better after the practice!  lol

I am not a "Gold" or "Blink Blink" type girl, but for calligraphy, I love how my letters in gold.  I heard a lot of good and bad reviews about Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink.  So I decided to get a bottle and tried it by myself.


You can order your Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent via Amazon


My Experience:


The Good:

First of all, I love the color!  It is very vibrant!  It is real Gold, not yellowish!  It is kind of sparkling!  And I love the texture, after the ink dried, I love to feel my writing!  lol


Secondly, it dries super fast!  And the color doesn't change much after it dried up!  It stays as same as it is wet.  


Thirdly, the price is pretty reasonable.  It is about $10 per bottle.  I have been writing a lot with this ink, I used less than 1/4 bottle.  I think this bottle will last me for a long time.


Here are the videos of me writing with Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink.


This one I was using Zebra G Nib:


This video I recorded this morning with Tachikawa G nib:


The Bad:

I have a hard time to get the ink flow right with my Nikko G nib, but it works perfectly with my Zebra G nib and Tachikawa G nib.  Also, I noticed that if the weather is cold, I would have the ink flow issue.  So you will have to play around with different nibs to find the sweet spot.


It is the only bad about this ink.  I highly recommended Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copper Plate Gold to all calligraphers.


You can order the ink via Amazon


Supplies List:


Zebra G Nib

(I love this nib, it is more flexible than Nikko G, but not too flexible for beginners like me)

Tachikawa G Nib

(I love this nib as well, it is also more flexible than Nikko G, Zebra is slightly more flexible than this Tachikawa nib.  And this nib holds more ink than Zebra G and Nikko G, so you don't need to dip your pen as often)

What is your experience with Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink?  Do you like it?  Please share your experience with us!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!! Handmade Thanksgiving Cards

Happy Thanksgiving!

Handmade Thanksgiving Cards

Handmade Thanksgiving Card

I can't believe that this Thursday will be Thanksgiving!  This year just flies by!  I have so much fun making these Thanksgiving Cards for my November Card Swap Buddy.  These two are so simple but elegant! 

Design One:

Handmade Thanksgiving Card with Grateful Hearts Stamp Set

I used Fun Stampers Journey Grateful Hearts Stamp Set AT-0159, then I colored the berries with MozArt Brush Pen Set.  By the way, I love the MozArt Brush Pen Set, I will probably write a review after Thanksgiving.  I wrapped the card with some fingerweight yarn.  Then I added my handmade felt bow that I made it with Fun Stampers Journey Mini Bow Die.   At last, I splashed some of Fun Stampers Journey Silver Silk for the ink splash effect.  This card takes less than 30 mins to make.   

Design Two:

Fun Stampers Journey Grateful Heart Stamp Set

I love heat embossing, so the 2nd card, I used Gold Embossing Powder for the Stamp Image.  This card looks a lot prettier in person!  I really don't like the Gold Embossing Powder (Recollection from Michael's) I have, it doesn't adhesive on the card too well, I will have to try different brand.   

Supplies List:

Stamp Set - Fun Stampers Journey Grateful Heart Stamp Set AT-0159 

Brush Set - MozArt Brush Pen Set

Bow - Fun Stampers Journey Mini Bow Die

Ink Splash - Fun Stampers Journey Silver Silk

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Fun Stampers Journey Traveler's Planner (made by Webster's Pages)

My Fun Stamper Journey Traveler's Planner

Made by Webster's Pages

Fun Stampers Journey Traveler's Planner

I am so excited to receive my Fun Stampers Journey Traveler's Planner/ Traveler's Notebook Planner (aka Bronze Traveler).  I originally wanted to order Midori Traveler's Notebook Planner, I like that I can add different refill notebooks.  However, I don't like that it doesn't have any compartment, you have to buy their zip pocket or business card holders.  

Then I found out that Fun Stampers Journey Traveler's Planner, and it is made by Webster's Pages, I know that the quality will be superior!  And there are compartment for things.  And the color is beautiful BRONZE!    Also, I love the price!  lol  FSJ Traveler's Planner is only $31.95, but the Midori Traveler's Notebook Planner is a lot more expensive, depends on which website do you order, it is from $38 to $60. 

I love my Handmade Alice in Wonderland Planner Charm

Side view of the Traveler's Planner

The other reason I bought FSJ Planner is that I can use Japanese Traveler's Notebook refills!!  YEAH!!  You can order the refill from Amazon.  I bought the Midori (#019) 28 Weeks Diary.  It fits perfectly as you see the pic below.  Here is the link for the refill: Midori (#019)

I definitely love Midori refills, it is a very good quality paper, I can write with my favourite Pilot Petit 1 Fountain Pen, no bleeding.  If you love writing with Fountain Pens, you would love Midori Refills.

The planner comes with a sketch book (the one with Kraft Cover).

Inside of the planner:

Midori #019 Refill with my Fun Stampers Journey Bronze Traveler Planner

Click here to order your Fun Stampers Journey Traveler's Planner.


Here is the unboxing video for my Fun Stampers Journey Traveler's Planner:

You can see how does the planner look.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hedgehog vs Hedgehog Cute Handmade Card - Fun Stampers Journey September Bloom Box

Hedgehog vs Hedgehog Cute Handmade Card

(From Fun Stampers Journey September Bloom Box)

Hedgehog vs Hedgehog Handmade Card

I am so excited that Fun Stampers Journey September bloom box!  Because it has a cute little hedgehog stamp!!  Love Love Love this Hedgehog stamp.  It is super cute.  I think it looks exactly like Mui Mui (My baby Hedgehog girl).

Here is the close up for the card:

Fun Stampers Journey September Bloom Box Hedgehog Card

The instruction comes with the kit is super easy to follow, I finished this card less than 40 mins.  I didn't have the reinker, so I used "watercolor" for the background.  And I also used watercolor for coloring the hedgehogs.

Here is another pics of Mui Mui and the card:

Hedgehog vs Hedgehog Handmade Card

This silly girl tried to hide inside the card!  lol

There are the rest of the cards in this September Bloom Box:

Fun Stampers Journey September Bloom Box

You can order your bloom box at

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Super Cute Fox and Raccoon Card

Super Cute Fox and Raccoon Card

Super Cute Fox and Raccoon Card

When I first saw the this cute animal stamp set (Creature Comfort - SS-0308) on Fun Stampers Journey catelog, I know I have to get this set.  Coz this set include Fox, Raccoon, Beaver, Squirrel and Bunny.  It is my backyard!  lol  I have all these animals in my backyard, they come to visit us every day.  

Creature Comforts Stamp Set from Fun Stampers Journey   

This stamp set also has a matching die set.  So it is pretty cool, you don't need to cut by sciossors.

How to make this card:

For Background:

I colored it with PanPanstels (Party Pop Set) by Fun Stampers Journey.  I tried to achieve the sunset, so I colored it with Skyblue for the sky, and blend it with White.  On the bottom of 1/3 the card, I colored it with Orange, and then blended it to middle of the card.  I was surprised that how easy to use PanPanstels for the background.  I am in love the result!  It is beautiful! 

For Fox and Raccoon:

I colored them with Reeves Watercolor Set from AC Moore.  

For the Grass:

I used the grass die from Darice.  I got it from AC Moore.

For the Leaf and the Sentimental Prints:

I stamped the leaf and sentimental prints on my old stash cardstocks.  

I really enjoy making this card, I am able to try new medium (PanPastels) and my favorite stamp set (Creature Comforts).  And this card is fairly easy to make, it took over an hour to make.  But I will probably can make it within an hour next time.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY Pan Pastels Poppy Days Birthday Cards

DIY PanPastels Poppy Days Birthday Cards

DIY Pan Pastels Poppy Days Birthday Cards

Poppy Days Cards

I have so much fun to make these Pan Pastels Poppy Days Birthday Cards/ Best Wishes Cards.  I really love Layered Stamp Set, this beautiful layered stamp set called Poppy Days (SS-0346) from Fun Stampers Journey.  It comes with 2 different Poppy Flowers shapes.  And you can get very creative with this stamp sets.  I spent one whole evening to try out all my ink pads (most of the ink pads are Memento, few are from Fun Stampers Journey), here is my ink pad combinations:

Fun Stampers Journey Poppy Days Stamp Set (SS-0346)

After I played with different ink pads, I made 3 cards with my favorite color combinations:

My favorite Poppy Days Best Wishes Card - Pink and Light Blue

Poppy Days Best Wishes Card

For the background, I used the light blue PanPastels Party Pop from Fun Stampers Journey, there are several PanPastels, but I like this set the best, because all the colors are primary colors, I know I will need these colors a lot.  And this set also comes with the "5 pieces Tool Set" which is awesome.  This is the first time I use PanPastels, it is a lot easier to color that I thought, very easy to blend, the best part is that you can erase any mistake you made by regular eraser.  

For the poppy flowers, I used Momento Angel Pink and Rose Bud Ink Pads.

For the Bow, I used Mini Bow Die (DI-0103) from Fun Stampers Journey.

For "Best Wishes", I used the Sentimental Print Die from Spellbinders.  And I stamped it with Brilliant Silver Ink Pad.  

For the blue boarder, I used die from Spellbinders, but I forgot the name for it, I got it long time ago.

For the splash effect, I used Silver Silk from Fun Stampers Journey.

Here are the other two variations of Poppy Days Birthday Cards:

Poppy Days Birthday Card

PanPastels Happy Birthday Card

Fun Stampers Journey Poppy Day Stamp Set

Fun Stampers Journey Poppy Day Best Wishes Card

Which Poppy Days Card is your favorite?  

Tell me what do you think!  :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Watercolor Thank You Card with Fun Stampers Journey Geo Burst Die

Watercolor Thank You Card with Fun Stampers Journey Geo Burst Die

Watercolor Thank You Card with Geo Burst Die

I Love Love my latest Card Creation!!  It is my first try to use Watercolor!   I am very impressed how my card turns out.  It is simple, but beautiful!  :)

Watercolor Background:

For the watercolor background, I used Wet on Wet technique.  I first wet the whole watercolor paper, then I painted Blue on the top and held the paper up and let the watercolor drip till 1/3 of the paper.  Then I painted Red on the bottom, did the same thing, let it drip.  For the center part, I painted it Yellow, I let it drip to the Top (Blue side), when the Yellow meets Blue, I turned it upside down, so it started to drip to the "Red Side".

The watercolor I used is Reeves Watercolor Tin Set and Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Set, I bought them last weekend at AC Moore.  The Reeves Watercolor set is only $3, gotta love clearance.  And the Niji Pearlescent Set is less than $3.50 after coupon.

The Red and Yellow are from Reeves Watercolor Set, the Blue is from Niji Pearlescent Set.  I am new to Watercolor, I have never tried "High End" brands.  So I can't compare with the other brands.  But so far, I really love both sets.  Especially Reeves Watercolor, it is easy to blend, and the color is very vibrant.  The Niji Pearlescent Set is more "Pastel" color, very light with hint of metallic.  Both sets are great value and quality, consider they are less than $4 each.

Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Set and Reeves Watercolor Tin Set

For Background (Geo Burst Die Background):

After the watercolor background dried up, I glue the Geo Burst Piece on top of it.  I love the Fun Stampers Journey Geo Burst Die (DI-0217), it is a perfect die to make simple elegant cards.   You can easily make 5-6 cards in an hour with this die.

For Bow:

For the bow, I used Fun Stampers Journey Mini Bow Die (DI-0103).  After I made the bow, I inked it with Tsukineko Brilliance Pigment Inkpad (silver).  And then I glued a "gem" which I bought a big container from Hobby Lobby.

For Sentimental Print "Thank You So Much":

For the Sentimental Print "Thank You So Much", I used my FREE Thank You So Much Stamp Set (AT-0213), (Yes, you heard it right, it is FREE Stamp.  For every $50 order, Fun Stampers Journey gives you a FREE Product, it can be stamp, die cut, embellishment of your choice.  There is a list of FREE Product that you can choose from, email me if you want to see the list, my email address is  info @

I first used my Fun Stampers Journey Circle Die Set (DI-0039) to cut 2 circles.  The bigger one I cut it with Sparkle Silver Cardstock, and the smaller circle with regular cardstock.  

Before I stamped Thank You So Much Stamp with Versamark Ink Pad, I prepped the cardstock with EK Tools Powder Tool.  Then I applied Gold Embossing Powder and used Heat Tool.

After that, I glued the Thank You So Much circle on the Silver Circle with Foam Square.

Lastly, I glued the Thank You So Much on the background, and embellished with the bow.  And the final step is glued the whole thing onto the A2 size card.

Supply List:


Fun Stampers Journey Geo Burst Die (DI-0217)

Fun Stampers Journey Circle Die (DI-0039)

Fun Stampers Journey Mini Bow Die (DI-0103)

Fun Stampers Journey Thank You So Much Stamp Set (AT-0213)

You can order the supplies from:

Reeves Watercolor Tin Set from AC Moore

Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Set from AC Moore 

Tsukineko Brilliance Ink Pad from any local craft store, I found JoAnn is the cheapest among Michael's, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby (in my area)

Versamark Ink Pad from any local craft store

Gold Embossing Powder from Michael's 



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