Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eco Friendly Grecory Shopping Bag BYOB

Plastic or Paper??

Now you can say Fabric.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) when you go shopping. Love your environment, say NO to plastic.

I really love the shopping bags I made, I used Target Plastic bag as a pattern, so the fabric shopping bags are very big. I made 3 totally, that what I need for grecory shopping. It holds up a lot. I can put a pack of root beers (6 bottles), a carton of milk in one bag and some more can food all in one bag. They are sturdy and strong.

And they are so stylish and pretty, I use it as a purse.

Size is 13" (width) x 17" (Height without handle), with handle is 28". This bag is expandable, after expand, the depth is 7".

The most amazing part is that there is a front pocket, you can fold the bag in this pocket. It is very compact, you can put it your purse or your car, so you will never forget to bring when you go shopping.

I will list on my NameThatCandy.Etsy.com soon. If you didn't see it at my store and you want to buy it, pls contact me.

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