Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Crochet Projects: baby bib and hat

I crocheted this for my friend's newborn baby girl. I never crochet baby items. it is fun to do it. Coz it is small and easy. And they are so cute!

The bib and hat are made of 100% cotton yarn, I used Bernat Cotton Tots. I like it a lot, it is softer than Sugar N Cream, and the price is ressonable. I like cotton, coz babies have sensitive skin, I think cotton are better for them.

Take a look at my bib and hat. I also sell it at Etsy:
I will take custom order if you have a boy or you want different color.


Minivanmomma said...

I love that hat it's too cute

kalurah said...

this is such a cute set! :)