Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pics of my Vintage Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine

Finally I am able to upload the pics.

Here you go:


ScotiaMade said...

Love it! Do you use it?

I have a Singer 127 (treadle powered) that is my only sewing machine. I had to buy a singer tiny serger to do edging and I still cant' zig zag because I can't find the attachment for sale, but I love it.

NameThatCandy said...

I love my singer, it is so powerful, I just sewed 2 more bags yesterday, I had no problem to sew thu thick fabrics, it is so nice. I had a hard time with my Kenmore 15516 (I bought several years ago), my Kenmore is sewing fine, except for thick fabrics.

I am very happy with my new "Old Singer".

I am also thinking to get a Kenmore Sewing and Embroidery Machine, which is on sale for $999. So I can start to do personalized baby onesie and bib etc. However, I just feel it is too much $$. It will take me forever to pay off the machine for selling bibs on Etsy.