Monday, December 3, 2007

Holly Days at Sanderson High

My boss and I shared a booth at Holly Days (High School Fundraising Show) at 12/1 and 12/2. We sold the craft we made.

I am very disappointed with the show, we did't sell much. Two whole days, I only had $71 sales. My boss is a little bit more than me. I didn't sell any purses, ppl are very tight on money, they don't want to buy "High price" items, only cheap stuff. I sold a lot of pocket mirrors and buttons. A lot of ppl like my purses, just no one buys it.

Will I do it next year again? Only if someone will share the booth with me, otherwise, I will lose $$ to sell at the show.

My boss's husband took pics of us. I hate the pics, I look so fat and "OLD". I guess I really need to lose some weight. Now I am 99 lbs. I gain about 6 lbs in this year. I really need to be on diet, no more snacks. BTW, you can see my new hair cut. It looks better in person.

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