Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two More Batches of soaps

I really got into the Soapmaking Mood!!! Because Jonathan (my hubby) made me a new mold, so now I have 2 molds, I made 2 batches yesterday. I made a little changes on the recipes. I lowered the Olive Oil and replaced with the Soybean Oil. I am very curious to see the result!! Hopefully, it won't change the quality of the soaps.

Soap #1: I use Chamomile Tea instead plain water, and I infused Chamomile in the Olive Oil. I added Chamomile and Lavender EOs.

Soap #2: I add Beneath the Stars FO from WSP. It smells very strong, even though I use 0.5oz PPO. I hope it would fade a little bit in 4 weeks. I really don't like strong scent soaps.

Next time, I am going to lower coconut oil on the Shea Butter Recipe, and add Palm Keneral Oil. And I will use Blooming Tulips FO from WSP, and I just grounded some Orange Peel yesterday, I will add some Orange Peel Powder at trace, hopefully, it will give "orange color" to the soap.

Also, I am going to make Goat Milk Soap with Aloe Vera Juice. I bought a can of Goat Milk at Harris Teeter. I love GM soap, I am still not sure what scent for GM soap yet. I am thinking Grapfruit and Lemon EO, maybe a little Lavender EO, and "orange peel powder" at trace. Hmmm.... sound good!! :)

Pics of Chamomile Lavender Shea Butter Soap:
Pics of Beneath the Star Cocoa Butter Soap:

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