Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY Nostepinne Center Pull Yarn Ball Winder

I always see some beautiful yarn in hanks, because I don't have a swift and yarn ball winder, I am scared to buy them, and wind my hands.  Then I found something called Nostepinne, it is a tool to wind center pull yarn ball, it is not as expensive as hand operated or electric winder, the cheapest I can find is about $10. However, the one I like is about $50.  I am still too cheap to buy it, it looks like something that I can make it by myself.  Anyway, I looked around my house, I found an empty facial toner bottle in my recycle bin.  I think it is a good alternative.  So I tried it, it seems work well.  I haven't crocheted with the yarn ball yet, I will try it tonight.  If it worked, I save myself $15 and save the environment, coz I recycle a plastic bottle.  :)

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