Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elimination Communication - Open Crotch Pants

See what I found in my closet???  Open Crotch Pants!!!

I am not sure that is front or back.

I totally forgot that my mom brought those open crotch pants when she visited me last Dec.  At that time, I planned to throw them away, coz I couldn't imagine Lukie wearing them, looked ridiculous!!  But since I am doing EC, they are very useful.  Now the weather is getting cold, naked is not an option.  Plus it is super convenient, when I think he has to go, I can just put him on the potty without taking trainers or diapers.

But I did get pee all over me few times when he was on my lap, he didn't cue me for pees.  For prevent myself get wet, I found a solution.  I put PF on the top and tuck under the elastic.  It is still very easy to take off the PF when he needs to go.

With PF.
without PF.

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