Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prefold Belt for Elimination Communication

I don't have enough trainers, so it is pain to his prefold and diaper cover each time I think he has to go potty.  Until recently, I saw some EC online stores, they sell something called Prefold Belt.  It is an elastic belt, it keeps the prefold from falling off, and it is easy to take off the prefold when your baby has to go potty.  I think that is SMART!! 

And tonight, I finally have time to make my own Prefold Belt.  I used the flannel scrapes.  If it worked good, I will try to use PUL or Wool Interlock, coz they won't wick like flannel.  It took me about 15 mins to make one.  So far it works good.  And I think it looks great on Lukie too!  Looks better than Snappies!!