Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Star Trek Baby Longies Pants

I made this few weeks ago, finally I have time to take pics.  I will take more pics when Lukie wears it.  I really love how it looks.  I used fabrics glue to glue the logo on the pants.

I have so many sewing projects that I want to do, but I have been very lazy lately.  I want to make Lukie two winter coats (one from Japanese Sewing Book, and the other one from Simplicity Pattern), a long pants (From Ottobre Magazines), few trainers (from two different patterns).  On the top of sewing projects, I want to crochet Lukie a jacket.  Hopefully, after this semester ends, I will have more time.  I want to make at least one coats and few trainers before Christmas, coz I want the coat for his 1st Christmas present.

Front of the Longies


Closeup of the Logo

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