Friday, July 15, 2011

Beginner Crochet Techniques 80 - Japanese Crochet Craft Book

Beginner Crochet Techniques 80 is a great "how to crochet" book for beginners, or you are new to "Crochet Chart"/ "Crochet Symbols".  This book teaches you from how to chain, basic stitches, how to sew and finish the crochet pieces and it even teaches some advance crochet stitches, all show in Step by step.  The best part is that it shows you the most popular and common crochet symbols, so you can read Crochet Charts.  Once you know how to read it, you can crochet all the cute Japanese Crochet Patterns easily.

* this book is in Chinese (Taiwanese Version), but it is exactly as same as Japanese Version, it is licensed by Nihon Vogue.

It is available at my NameThatCandy Etsy and Artfire.

Here is the pics:

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