Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cutting Leather with my Sizzix Bigkick

Can Sizzix Bigkick Cut Leather?? 

Answer is ....


I have tested paper, cardstock, fabrics and felt.  Since I am still new to die cut, I am very curious about cutting different materials.  So I always think how can I test.  Then Leather came in my mind.

I have an used leather hanging around in the closet, I bought it long time ago at Goodwill for making soft sole shoes for my son (when he was a baby).  So I decided to give a try.

This time I used Time Holtz Gadget Gears Die:

Tim Holtz Gadget Gears Die

I cut off a small piece of leather from the leather jacket.  It cut easily just like cutting the paper or fabrics.  And the result is amazing, it is a very clean cut.  The gears look very nice.  My hubby was very impressed.

Cutting Leather with Sizzix Bigkick

Tim Holtz Gadget Gears Die

Tim Holtz Gadget Gears Die

Tim Holtz Gadget Gears Die

I really love the leather gears.  It looks better than paper or felt I have tried.  The pattern on the leather adds a special touch.  They are available at my Etsy Store for purchase.

After I tested on Tim Holtz Gadget Gears Die, then I tried on another Tim Holtz Die Bird Cage.  I am a little bit worried when I tested it, because this die has more "detail" and "small" part, I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

Tim Holtz Bird Cage Die

The Result is SO Beautiful!! I am very very impressed!!

Leather Bird Cage and Bird
Cutting Leather with Tim Holtz Bird Cage Die
Close up: you can see how clean it cut
Cutting Leather with Sizzix Bigkick is so much fun!  So I couldn't stop myself.  I tested another die "Sizzix Original Die Hearts Primitive #3".

Sizzix Hearts Primitive #3 Die

I tested on two different color leather jacket.

Leather Hearts Die Cut by Sizzix Bigkick

Leather Hearts Die Cut

Leather Hearts Die Cut

After I test on different leather piece, I noticed that the red leather left a lot of residues.  It is not as clean as the brown leather.  But by all mean, it is still a clean cut.  I just need to wipe off the residue on the side.

I am very impressed with cutting Leather with Sizzix Bigkick.  I never imagined that it would turn out so great. 

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