Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shabby Chic Flower Hair Clip/ Hair Accessories

I always wanted to make Shabby Chic Flower hair clip or hair accessories, but I really don't have how to make them.  I saw a lot of them on Etsy, but I am more Crafty Person (Can you tell??).  So I decided to make my own, I google search how to make fabric flowers, I got some basic ideas how to make fabric flowers, and I came up my own version of Shabby Chic Flower with my Sizzix Flower Die (Sizzix Original Die - Flower Layers #5).  Actually I didn't really like this die, I was thinking to sell it on Craigslist or ebay.  But I am glad that I didn't.  Because this die makes perfect Shabby Chic Flower.

Shabby Chic Flower Hair Clip

I bought some Lace Fabric at JoAnn, you can find a lot of lace fabrics at Bridal-inspired fabric section.  And I used Vintage Button for the center.  I got these vintage buttons years ago, I think they are from 70s, there is some scratches on it, but it added a special touch.  Also, I bought a yard of "Pearl Lace" Ribbon for the top of the clip.

Shabby Chic Flower Hair Clip
The picture above you can see the "Pearl Lace" Ribbon better.  I really love this ribbon.  It looks very pretty, it is perfect for bridal stuff.

Back of the Shabby Chic Flower Hair Clip
After I made this hair clip, I made another bigger shabby chic flower, but it is too big for hair clip, so I made it as a Ponytail Holder.  I bought a Ponytail Holder base, so it secured the back better.  I bought a bunch of them, if anyone interested, please let me know, I will list on Etsy, so you can purchase.

Two Tiers Shabby Chic Flower Ponytail Holder
The big Shabby Chic Flower Ponytail Holder is two tiers.  I used the softer Ivory Lace Fabric for the bottom tier.  I really love how soft it feels and I like how it looks with two different texture of laces together.  Of course, I decorated with vintage button.  I just love vintage buttons, they add special look and feel on the finished products.

Two Tiers Shabby Chic Flower Ponytail Holder
Here is the back:

You can see that I used the plastic back for holding the elastic band.
I like the plastic back, it makes my ponytail holder look more professional and neat.

If you like my Shabby Chic Flower Hair Clip, now I offer a DIY Shabby Chic Flower Hair Clip Kit, it included the fabric (precut), ribbon, hair clip, template and instruction.  So you can make your own.

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