Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Super Cute Fox and Raccoon Card

Super Cute Fox and Raccoon Card

Super Cute Fox and Raccoon Card

When I first saw the this cute animal stamp set (Creature Comfort - SS-0308) on Fun Stampers Journey catelog, I know I have to get this set.  Coz this set include Fox, Raccoon, Beaver, Squirrel and Bunny.  It is my backyard!  lol  I have all these animals in my backyard, they come to visit us every day.  

Creature Comforts Stamp Set from Fun Stampers Journey   

This stamp set also has a matching die set.  So it is pretty cool, you don't need to cut by sciossors.

How to make this card:

For Background:

I colored it with PanPanstels (Party Pop Set) by Fun Stampers Journey.  I tried to achieve the sunset, so I colored it with Skyblue for the sky, and blend it with White.  On the bottom of 1/3 the card, I colored it with Orange, and then blended it to middle of the card.  I was surprised that how easy to use PanPanstels for the background.  I am in love the result!  It is beautiful! 

For Fox and Raccoon:

I colored them with Reeves Watercolor Set from AC Moore.  

For the Grass:

I used the grass die from Darice.  I got it from AC Moore.

For the Leaf and the Sentimental Prints:

I stamped the leaf and sentimental prints on my old stash cardstocks.  

I really enjoy making this card, I am able to try new medium (PanPastels) and my favorite stamp set (Creature Comforts).  And this card is fairly easy to make, it took over an hour to make.  But I will probably can make it within an hour next time.

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