Friday, December 21, 2007

Make my 1st batch of soaps today

I want to make soaps for long time, after I read a lot of books and some soap forums, I finally feel confident to make it. Since I am still a little bit worried about "LYE" part, so my hubby assisted me the whole time. We had a great time.

We tried HP method, I thought it supposed to take about an hour to cook, but end up it took over 2 hours. I think it is a little bit too time consuming. We will try CP method next time, coz we don't need to cook the soap, after we stir the soap, we can pour it to the mold.

We will probably try another batch next Monday. I will take pics of my first batch soap later tonight. I haven't cut them yet, it should be ready to be cut about 11pm.

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