Friday, January 4, 2008

"Soap" Pretty, "Soap" Much Fun!!

I haven't updated my blog for a long time, because I am busy with my new hobby "Soap Making". I made my 1st batch soap which I used HP method, I don't really like the texture of the soap and it took too long. So I studied CP method, I tried my 1st CP soap last week, but it was a mess. My soap didn't trace. I was so frustrated, but I am glad that I found a very friendly and informative Soap Making Forum

I asked a lot of questions, I learned a lot and I even designed my own soap recipes. I made my 1st batch 1/4 with CPOP method, it turned out beautiful, it is an unscented soap, no colorants and chemicals. I used cocoa butter, so it has a slightly chocolate scent, very light and mild. And the color is beautiful. Very proud of myself. Here is the pic:

It takes about 4 weeks to cure the soaps before I can use it, but someone told me that in about 2 weeks, I can use it, but the longer I wait, the mild the soap will be.

And yesterday, I did my 2nd batch, I used the same recipe but I added something different, first I used "spearmint" tea instead of water, and I also added Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils. The soap smelled so good when I was making it. I also add some dried spearmint on the top of the soap, it looks so pretty and "natural". I cut the soap this morning, it smells like "Heaven". Hahaha... I can't wait to try the soap.

Before cut:

After cut:

I am so proud of myself!! I am going to make another batch tomorrow with Chocolate Fragrance oil. Hmmm... Yummy!!

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