Friday, August 21, 2009

Caron Crochet Openwork Vest

I found this pattern at Michaels website, and I really like it, so I decided to crochet this, it is the 1st time that I crochet garment for myself.

The pattern is very easy, but the instruction itself is very confusing! But after I figured it out, it didn't take long to finish, I did it in a week.

However, my vest width is smaller than supposed to be, I don't know why, my gauge is correct. Because it is smaller, so I couldn't add buttons, but Jonathan got me a vintage brooch (from 60s) at an antique store, so I used it as a button. It looks great!!

here is the pattern:

I used E hook 3.5mm
TLC Cotton Plus Yarns

BTW, I love the TLC Cotton Plus Yarns, it doesn't split, and it is so soft. Love it!!

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