Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crochet Baby Boy Boots

I usually don't like crocheting booties, for some reasons, it never looks good and took me forever.  But when I saw this pattern, I had to try it again.  It is sooooo stylish and it is prefect for boys!!

Finish the sole.
But have hard time to understand the instruction for the SIDE!!! The book is very confusing!! I am not a new crocheter, but there are only few patterns that confuse me, this is one of them. I contact Annie’s Attic, hopefully, they will email me soon. Coz I love this boots, sooooo stylish, I want my son to have it.

I think they miss one size in the pattern (Sides Part), coz there are only 2# in the . I will try the 1st# in the .

Annie’s Attics emailed me back, there is an error in the pattern. They miss the XL, so I should use the 2nd#, not the 1st, no wonder, my boots look weird. Well, I guess I will try again.
End up, I start all over, coz I am so sick and tired to frog the thing, I have been frogged for more than 10 times. And I use different yarns.
Finally, I finish the right foot, hopefully, will finish the left foot tomorrow and sew buttons. I did some modification, I chained 7 st for the top of toe. I like it wider. It looks pretty good. I am happy that it turns out great.

Working on the left foot, the “Side” instruction is wrong (or maybe I misread), anyway, Row2 is totally soooooooooo WRONG!! I have to follow the Row2 of the Right Foot Instruction.
Oh My Goodness, really hate the instruction writes, if you only want this shoes pattern, not the rest of the shoes, I think you better off buy from the designer directly. You will thank me later for this!!!!

Done!!! I used the vintage buttons my hubby bought for me. It looks great!! The boots are a little bit too big for him. I am thinking to make him another pair.

Total st of Sole Edging is 54 sts.
Total st of Top is 36 sts.
Ch 7 for the Top.
Ch 3 for the buttonhole.

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