Sunday, July 4, 2010

Metal Frame Coin Purse 口金包

Making Metal Frame Coin Purse is very popular in Asian Countries, esp in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan.  I always want to try, but the metal frames are sooooooo expensive.  Last time I went to Hong Kong to visit my family, I tried to buy it, but no luck.  But I found a website called TaoBao from China, there are a lot of sellers selling the metal frames, and the price is very cheap, so I asked my brother to order for me, they don't take paypal or credit cards from oversea (except Hong Kong and Taiwan).  After the exchange rate, shipping and credit card fees, the price for each metal frame is still much cheaper than here, but I have to wait.

 I also bought a book that teach you how to make metal frame purses and bags.  A little bit disappointed about the book, it doesn't show too detail how to sew the metal frame to the purse, I still have to do a lot of research online, thanks goodness that I can read Chinese.  But the book gives me some idea to design my own purse, and there are of patterns for purses, that is nice.

For the first purse, I think it is not too bad, definitely, there are a lot of room for improvement.  I am not really good at hand sewing. 

I am going to offer DIY kit which include instruction, pattern, fabrics, interface and metal frame in my Etsy store soon, so if any of you are interested in making your own, you can try it.  And my price will be really reasonable, since I got a really good deal, but I only order 30 frames, so there will be only 20 kits for sale (maximum), I need to save some for myself.  

here is my purse:

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