Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elimination Communication: Trimsies Pull Up Trainer

We bought Lukie an environmental friendly potty which is made of bamboo, after you are done, you can dig it to your yard, and it is biodegradable.  We started Elimination Communication, we are able to catch up poop in the potty twice.  YEAH!!!  We are so proud of him.  He is only 8-month old.  But then I found a big problem, it is his diapers.  It took forever to take off, I always thought we were going to miss it by the time his diaper was off.  So I think it is time to sew him some trainers.

I was looking around several trainer patterns, some people recommend Tinkle Time Trainer (TTT) and Trimsies Trainer.  But most people said TTT is more time-consuming to sew and more difficult, and Trimsies is very easy and quick.  Plus I am testing a Trainer Pattern for a lady which her style reminds me TTT.  So I decide to try Trimsie.  It is very simple pattern if I have a zigzag on my vintage Singer.  However, I don't.  It is do-able with straight stitch machine, but it requires more time and it becomes more difficult, or I should require more sewing skills.  I finished one, I used OBV as inner, PUL as outer and Knit as Side Panel.  It is very difficult to sew OBV and knit.

It turns out really cute, but not the sewing part.  I love how it fits Lukie.   I am in the process of the 2nd trainer, but I am getting a little discourage, I had to stop, so tomorrow I am going to get my CHEAP CRAPPY Kenmore from my garage.  Coz it has zigzag, hopefully, it will make my job easier.  But Man, I hate that machine, I remember how frustrated when I sewed with it long time ago. 


Ellie Tat said...

The training pants look great! I am planning to sew some, too. I'll have to look up the pattern you've used.

NameThatCandy said...

I can't wait to see your trainers.