Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabrics Shopping!

Today I go to fabrics shopping with Lukie. I found some cute fabrics that I really like at Chez Ami website, then I found out that they are Patsy Aiken which is a mile away from my house, and they have a attic sales from today to next Thursday (not sure). So today I go there, some fabrics I like, they don't have, but some fabrics are not on sale on the website, but they are on sale in the outlet. I bought a very cute doggie print jersey for $5 a yard, but you have to buy minimum 2 yds. On their website, it is $11 a yard. And I got some rib knit and stripe jersey for $3.50 a yard.

After Chez Ami, we went to JoAnn, I bought some really cute flannels, they are half off, only $2.99 a yard.

I buy too many fabrics recently, I better start to sew!!! Too many fabrics, too little time!! hahaha....

This is the doggie Jersey I buy at Chez Ami.

The other two from Chez Ami, the look better in person than the pic.

From JoAnn

from JoAnn

I didn't know it said "I love grandma" until I took the pics, I bet my mom will love it.

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