Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally got my Crochet Top Down Pattern Book (行家教你領口往下鉤) from Taiwan!!!

I want this book 行家教你領口往下鉤 for a while, but I don't know anyone from Taiwan can get it for me, finally I found someone can get it for me, it takes a while to ship here, coz I tried to save $$ on postage, I asked my mom mailed it this the other Japanese Craft Books I ordered together.  BTW, I got an past issue of Rich More which I want it for LONG TIME, I am glad to find it at Hong Kong Yahoo Auction, it is an used book, but I only paid $4 for it, after ship to US, I think I paid around $9, it is still pretty cheap compare to buying in US.

Anyway, 行家教你領口往下鉤is a crochet pattern book from Taiwan, the whole book is all about top down patterns, I don't think US has one single book which all are top down patterns for crochet.  I know there are several for knitting.  So I was very excited to find this book.

The patterns in this book, some are very cute, but most of them are not my style.  It is ok, coz i just want to learn the techniques, so I can design my own patterns.  I read this book several times, it is the most confusing book ever!!  I did learn some new trick.  It doesn't explain clearly.  I read some of the reviews about this book, a lot of people complain the same thing about how confusing it is.  I guess I just need to crochet one of the patterns, I may understand better after I start to crochet.  Still, I think this book is worth to buy.  

The books I received!

This is my favorite!

I like this one also!

The Bolero is my favorite too!

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