Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Crochet Website: www.Beyond-Crochet-Patterns.com

Screen shot of my website

I have been very busy to building my Crochet Website.  It calls www.beyond-crochet-patterns.com.  I build this website, because it is so hard to find stylish crochet patterns, therefore, I want to put all the stylish patterns together in one website, so it is easier for crocheters like me who are tired of old-fashioned patterns, and it saves us time that we don't need to look around online or in stores.  The website will include Free Crochet Patterns and Paid Crochet Patterns (which in books or Etsy). 

You will find a lot of Crochet info like "how to crochet" tutorials, Yarns and Hooks, book reviews esp Japanese Crochet books.

Please go to visit my website if you have time.  So far, there are only few pages, I try to build 1 to 2 pages each week.

If you need help with the Crochet Abbreviation, pls visit:

Crochet Abbreviations Chart

Also, you are confused with the Crochet Terms, please visit:
American vs British

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