Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crochet for Beginner: How to choose the right yarn for your crochet project

Are you a crochet beginner?  Are u ever wondering how to choose the right yarn for your project?  When I first learn to crochet, I was so confused with how to choose yarn and crochet hooks.  I thought all yarn are made of wool, even though I know yarn made of different materials like cotton, wool, acrylics etc, and I still had no idea what are the difference between them.  On the top of that there are yarn weight, fingering, sport ....  etc.

Yarn weight Chart.  You can see the different between different yarn weight.

Back then, I had no one to ask.  I didn't have any LYS near me, and I didn't know anyone crochet or knit.  And I couldn't find any books talk about yarn.  The crochet book I had which is the worst book ever.  Anyway, I know how overwhelming for crochet for beginner.  That's why I wrote a page about "how to choose a right yarn for your crochet projects" on my website.  You will learn what is yarn weight, and what are the difference between wool, cotton.... 

Also, I have written about how to choose right hooks for your projects, crochet hook size charts and crochet abbreviations.  Please check it out.   Right now, I am working on "Beginner Crochet Patterns", hopefully, I would be able to finish by next week.

After you visit my website, please leave me a comment or suggestion here.  So I know what I need to improve.

Happy Crocheting!

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