Sunday, September 18, 2011

Female Pirate Costume Ideas - How to make it from old clothes

Halloween is on the corner.  Female Pirate Costume is one of the most popular costumes for past several Halloween.  If you read my blog, you know me.  I don't like to buy stuff, I like to make stuff.  So here is some great ideas and tips for those want to make your own Female Pirate Costume.  You can find these items from your closet or thrift stores.  You don't have to buy everything brand new, it will save u tons of money. And more environmental friendly!

*I got the ideas from Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas, here is their website:
They have a great video to show you how to make a pirate costume from an old leather pants.

The Essential Clothing Items for Female Pirate Costume
  • Blouse: white, red or black are perfect, wide and low neckline with ruffles.  Tunic style or button up blouse are great too.
  •  Skirt: Prefer skirt above your knee, if you want to sexier, try mini skirt.  Red or black are the most popular colors for Female Pirate Costume, if you want something different, try pink or Red stripes.  Fabrics material: satin and suede.
  • Corset or vest:  They both look great, it is your personal preference.  If you choose to wear a vest, you may want to add a thick belt with a large brass buckle, it will look more authentic.
The Essential Accessories Items For Female Pirate Costume
  • Boot: Knee High Boots are perfect, but ankle or mid calf boots will work too.  Black and any dark colors are the most popular choices.  But if you want to look more stand out, try Red.
  • Tights: Black tights or Fishnet tights are the best.  If you need to buy tights, I recommend to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, they have a great selections of colors and brands at a really good price.
  • Hat/ Long Scarf: Long Scarf is good substitute for the hat if you can't find it.
  • Sword (optional): You can get a toy sword at any toy stores, dollar stores or costume stores. 

I am not a really makeup gal, so I don't have any tips.  But I found this great video for applying pirate makeup.

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Cristine Douglas said...

Nice ideas and tips for pirate Halloween makeup, thanks for sharing!