Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas: Pirate Costume

Halloween is on the corner, do you have any ideas for your costume this year?

Pirate, Witch and Vampire are the top 3 most popular adult costumes last Halloween, I believe they will the same this Halloween.  Wanna to be a pirate, check out this website:  Pirate Hallween Costume Ideas

Actually, it is pretty easy to dress as Pirate, of course, if you don't have time, you can go to buy one, there are so many Cool Halloween Costumes out there.  But if you have craft like me, you probably want to make your own.  Simpicity and McCall's have few Pirate Costume Patterns, so if you love to sew, you can get the patterns when JoAnn on sales, you can get it for $0.99 or $1.99. 

But not everyone can sew, you can still make your own even you can't sew.  Just look at your closet or thrift stores, you can modify your own clothes into pirate outfit.

Here are some tips:  (from Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas)

Clothing and Accessories:

  • Shirt: Button-up White Shirt, you can also wear Tan or Brown Shirt.
  • Pants: Just simple black pants
  • Vest: Solid Black or Brown vest are the best
 For girls or women:
  • Mini Skirt: red or black are the most popular colors for Female Pirate Costume, if you want something different, try burgundy or dark brown.  Layered skirt with lace ruffles is preferred. Or skirt made of satin fabrics is good alternative.

  • Corset or vest:  Some of you may not like wearing corset, if you prefer wearing a vest, you may want to add a thick belt with a large brass buckle, it will make you look sexier than just a vest.
  • Boot: Every girls has a pair of boots, this is probably the one thing you don’t have to buy.  Knee High Boots are perfect for this costume, but ankle or mid calf boots will work too.  Black probably will look the best, but any dark color will work.  If you didn’t have a pair of boots, I suggest that you buy one pair that you will wear for daily basis, so you can wear it after Halloween.
  • Tights: Any Black tights will work, but I think “Fishnet tights” are the best.  Great place to buy tights are Marshalls or TJ Maxx, they have a great selections at a really good price.
  • Hat/ Long Scarf: I think the hat probably is the most difficult to find if you don’t buy from costume stores.  But I will definitely check out thrift stores or Craigslist.   Long scarf will be a good alternative.
  • Sword: You can get a toy sword at any toy stores or costume stores.
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