Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My new Upcycle Makeup Brush holder from a "Can"

Last several months, I wasn't in a "Crafty" Mood.  I don't know why, I just didn't feel to do any craft.  But suddenly this week, I feel very "Crafty" again.  I made this cute Upcycled Makeup Brush Holder from a "can" and sew a pair of shorts and matching tie for my son.

Here is my cute little makeup brush holder:

Upcyled Makeup Brush Holder

It is SUPER Easy to make this.  All you need is a "can", some fabrics scrape, some decoration notions like ribbon, lace etc, double sided type and glue.  I used Pearl String (you can find it from any craft store "Bridal Section")

You basically spray glue on the outside of the can, (I used 3M 90 High Strength Adhesive), then attach the fabric on the can.  I also attached fabrics inside the can.  See below:

After that, be creative and decorate your can.  It took me about 30 mins to do that.  It is great way to recycle cans and use up your fabrics scape.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Abigail Clibborn said...

Great post! and I love this idea of Upcucle Makeup Brush holder from a can. I'll try this from my Makeup Brush Set. Thanks for sharing! :)