Sunday, July 7, 2013

My New Favourite Toy: Clover Flower Frill Template

I just got my new toy at Michaels last week, it is Clover Flower Frill Template, I got the smallest size.  It comes with 2 sizes, one is 2 inches, the other one is 2.5 inches.  I think they are perfect sizes for hair accessories and craft projects.

Clover Flower Frill

I originally wanted to get "Kanzashi Flower Maker", but Michaels didn't have the style I like, and the Clover Flower Frill looks a lot easier and quicker to make than the Kanzashi Flower Maker.  With the 55% coupon, it is no brainer not to try it out.  (I paid less than $3 for it.)

Anyway, this little toy is one of the best Clover templates I bought, I have several yoyo makers which I don't really do anything with it.  But this Flower Template, I can't stop making it.  It is the best way to use up all your fabric scrapes.

Here is my first flower with fabric scrapes (Size 2.5").

First flower cut with Pinking scissor

I never thought I would be so addicted to making fabric flowers.  After the first attempt, I went to JoAnn and get some sheer fabrics and tulle fabrics.  I think they are perfect for Clover Flower Frill.

Below are Size 2":

Clover Flower Frill with Sheer Fabric

make it with Tulle and decorated with Fabric Covered Button

another view

It is perfect Ponytail Holder

Now I am very excited to experiment with different type fabrics.  I bought a lot of blank headbands, so I can make hair bands.

If you have never tried Clover Flower Frill, you are missing some fun!! 

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