Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best Kids (and Mom) Craft!! Hand Stamped Fabrics!

Best Kid Craft - Hand Stamped Fabrics

My 3-year old son loves craft!! I always look for some fun and easy craft projects for him (possible for both of us can do together).

Last couple weeks, I read a lot of Japanese Craft Books and Magazines, I found a few sewing projects which they hand stamped the fabrics for decoration.  Since I saw that, I am so fascinated about hand stamped fabrics.  I didn't know what kind of ink pad required for the fabrics, I was worried that it may be some expensive ink pad.  So I did more research and found this website, she tested several ink pads in her blog.  And I found out my local JoAnn has clearance for few of the ink pads that mentioned on her blog.  Of course, I bought one set to test out.

I used my Muslim fabrics that sitting in my fabric drawers for years.  Then I gave my son a lot of stamps and different colors of ink pad.  He had so much fun to stamping on the fabrics.

After he is done with stamping, I let it dry overnight.  The next day, I set the fabric with the hot iron.  The fabrics looks very nice and it has an earthy feel.  Then I used this hand stamped fabrics to sew a little bag for him, so he can put his toys.

Hand Stamped Fabrics Bag

I think my 3-year old son did a great job!

I used different fabrics for the lining.

The bag came out nicely!  My son was very excited and very proud of himself (and me)!  lol 

I also enjoy doing it with my son!  We both have fun!  And now I am so addicted to hand stamped fabrics, I ended up go went to JoAnn and got more Memento Ink Pad Sets (different colors, they are less than $3) and a lot of stamps!!    I just made a hand stamped fabric container.  I will post pictures soon.

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