Saturday, August 3, 2013

Handmade Fabric Teddy Bear

It is my first attempt to sew a Teddy Bear!  I was always very intimidated to sew dolls or stuff animals.  Because I don't sew curve well.  But my 3-year old son wanted to have a yellow teddy bear after he watched Miffy.  He said he has a white teddy, red teddy, but he didn't have a yellow teddy like Miffy.  So I decided to make him one.  We went through my fabric stash, he found a fabric which is mainly yellow with some white and black dots.

Fabric Teddy Bear with Bow Tie

Making Tedding Bear is a lot easier than I expected.  I think if you have some sewing experience, you wouldn't find it too difficult.  To me, the most difficult part is not about sewing, it is how to stuff the teddy without any bumps and the shape looks right.

I used vintage buttons for the nose and eyes.  First I want to use animals eyes, but I wanted to have a "Classic" look, so I went through hundreds of vintage buttons, and found these three buttons which great on him.  I especially love the button for the nose, it has a special pattern.

Fabric Teddy Bear with Vintage Buttons

I am very proud of myself, I think for the first Fabric Teddy Bear, I did a decent job!  The most important is my boy loves it!  He was very happy and proud of his mama.

Teddy with my Vintage Singer!


Sarah Clemment said...

What pattern did you use?

NameThatCandy said...

It is simplicity 5461.

Sorry for the late reply.