Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Fabric Teddy Bear - Simplicity 5461 Pattern

I just did one more Fabric Teddy Bear.  I forgot to mention on last blog that I used Simplicity 5461 for the Teddy Bear.  The Pattern comes with 2 sizes, one is 18" which are the one I have been using, the other size is 22".  Simplicity Pattern 5461 also included the Teddy Bear Clothing and Accessories like hat and scarf.  I haven't sewed any clothes or accessories yet.

Simplicity 5461

The Teddy Bear I made this time is very girly and romantic, I used a very pretty floral fabric that I bought at JoAnn a while ago.  When I saw the fabric, I fell in love immediately.  At that time, I didn't have any project in my mind, I just bought it because I think it is pretty.  It turns out this fabric makes a "Beautiful Teddy Bear".

Teddy Bear from Simplicity 5461

I also tried a new techniques on this Teddy Bear, I embroidered the nose instead of sewing a button.  To be honest, it is very challenging!  I am never good at hand sewing or any kind of embroidery.  I really need more practice on hand embroidery.

Romantic Teddy Bear

 For decoration, I just used a hot pink ribbon and a brass heart (embellishment for scrapbook).  I used glue gun to attach the heart on the ribbon, it works pretty well.

Fabric Teddy Bear

You can see the nose, it looks pretty ugly!  lol!

I have been having so much fun sewing Teddy Bear, and I just found couple free Teddy Bear patterns online.  I will try the new patterns and I will post more pictures and the free patterns soon.

If you are new to sewing stuff toy, you may want to give Simplicity 5461 a try, especially you can get it at JoAnn when it is on sale like a $1.99.  


Patricia Nash said...

Please Please can I have this pattern 5461. I live in Canada and cannot get it anywhere and the site you said doesn't sell it anymore. and there are a few other places that do sell won't ship to Canada. I would love a copy sent to my email address at help me.

msladyrag said...

Looking for the same pattern...Can't find it anywhere online

NameThatCandy said...

Sorry for the late reply. I think Simplicity retired this pattern. I can't find anywhere either.