Thursday, August 15, 2013

Japanese Crochet Doily Book

I just got a new Japanese Crochet Doily Books.  One is mainly are Pineapple Doilies, the other one is "motifs doilies".  They both are very beautiful books.  The patterns are very unique and gorgeous.  The best part about these two doilies is that they have crochet charts.  I love crochet doilies, but I hate reading instructions, because they always confuse me.  With crochet chart, it is so much easier.

Also, there are not too many "motif doilies" and "pineapple doilies" books in US.  I really love to do motif doilies, because they are very small, it doesn't really take much time to do it.  I have 3 years old boy, I really don't have too much time that I can sit down and crochet without interruption.  So crochet motif doilies are perfect for me, I can crochet one small motif one at time.

Anyway, let review the books.  These books are available at my Etsy store.

40 Classic Motif Doilies:
40 Classic Doilies Motif Patterns Japanese Crochet Book

Total 40 Patterns

This is my favorite

Aren't they beautiful?

40 Classic Doilies Motif Patterns
This is the Pineapple Doilies Book:
Crochet Pineapple Doilies Book - Japanese Crochet Book

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