Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shrink Plastic and Stamps

About few weeks ago, I saw some very cool Shrink Plastic projects on Pinterest.  I started to fascinated about Shrink Plastic.  I am thinking what can I make with Shrink Plastic.  I know Big Kick can cut shrink plastic.  So I decided to give it a try.

Shrink plastic Craft Projects

I have a lot of beautiful stamps, so I wanna try it with them first.  I bought "Shrinky Dinks" at Michaels ($5.99 5 sheets) and used "Staz On" ink pad.  I have tried different ink pads I have at home, but none of them work.  And according to Shrinky Dinks, it recommends Staz On, so I gave in to buy extra ink pad.  And it works perfectly.

Shrink Plastic Jewelry

I hand stamped on the Shrink Plastic, and it let it dry.  After it dried, just cut them out with scissor and punch a hole.  I put them in the oven as the instruction said.  But I strongly recommend that only put 2 pieces at a time.  Because I noticed that after it is shrank, it is not totally flat, I have to flatten it with a weight.  But you only have 10 seconds to reshape it.  If you baked too many pieces, you won't have enough time to flatten all.

I also tried to die cut Shrink Plastic, I just haven't had time to take pictures.  They turned out pretty nice too. 

Here is the before After Pictures:
Before Shrink

After Shrink

As you can see, it shrank a lot.  So when you choose your stamp, you don't want something too small.  And I am very surprised that after shrink, the shrink plastic keeps the detail very well.  Actually, it looks even better.

I really enjoy playing with Shrink Plastic.  It is an easy and quick Craft Projects.  It is perfect for kids and adult.

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