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Review Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Calligraphy Ink - Modern Calligraphy

Review: Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink


Modern Calligraphy


I am new to Modern Calligraphy, I just started about 3 months ago.  I have been really enjoying my new hobby!  It really therapeutic and calming!  It is a good way to relax before I go to bed.  I love to practice my drills right before I go to bed.  I think I sleep better after the practice!  lol

I am not a "Gold" or "Blink Blink" type girl, but for calligraphy, I love how my letters in gold.  I heard a lot of good and bad reviews about Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink.  So I decided to get a bottle and tried it by myself.


You can order your Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent via Amazon


My Experience:


The Good:

First of all, I love the color!  It is very vibrant!  It is real Gold, not yellowish!  It is kind of sparkling!  And I love the texture, after the ink dried, I love to feel my writing!  lol


Secondly, it dries super fast!  And the color doesn't change much after it dried up!  It stays as same as it is wet.  


Thirdly, the price is pretty reasonable.  It is about $10 per bottle.  I have been writing a lot with this ink, I used less than 1/4 bottle.  I think this bottle will last me for a long time.


Here are the videos of me writing with Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink.


This one I was using Zebra G Nib:


This video I recorded this morning with Tachikawa G nib:


The Bad:

I have a hard time to get the ink flow right with my Nikko G nib, but it works perfectly with my Zebra G nib and Tachikawa G nib.  Also, I noticed that if the weather is cold, I would have the ink flow issue.  So you will have to play around with different nibs to find the sweet spot.


It is the only bad about this ink.  I highly recommended Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copper Plate Gold to all calligraphers.


You can order the ink via Amazon


Supplies List:


Zebra G Nib

(I love this nib, it is more flexible than Nikko G, but not too flexible for beginners like me)

Tachikawa G Nib

(I love this nib as well, it is also more flexible than Nikko G, Zebra is slightly more flexible than this Tachikawa nib.  And this nib holds more ink than Zebra G and Nikko G, so you don't need to dip your pen as often)

What is your experience with Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold Ink?  Do you like it?  Please share your experience with us!

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