Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Calligraphy Alternative for Finetec Gold Watercolor set - Kuretake Tambi Starry Colors

Calligraphy Alternative for Finetec Gold watercolor Set - Kuretake Tambi Starry Colors Set

I love using gold ink for my calligraphy.   I already have Dr Ph Martin's Iridescent Copperplate ink which I love.   And I know a lot of calligraphers using Finetec Gold Watercolor Set.  As crafty junkie, I always love to try new stuff.  However, Finetec is out of my budget.   Then I saw Kuretake Tambi Starry Color Set on Amazon, I decided to try them out.  It is selling $12.97 right now (as today 3/28/17).  I think i paid around $15 when I bought mine.  

Here is the link

Good Alternative? 

The answer is Yes! 
I love it.   The colors are beautiful.   It writes beautifully.   The ink flows well, I am able to get my hairline.  And they are very shimmering,  you can see the video below.   I haven't tried Finetec, so I can't really compare to.   But if you are in budget like me, I definitely will try them out. 

Kuretake Tambi Starry Colors Set in action

Have you tried both Finetec and Kuretake Tambi Starry Color?  What is your opinion?

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