Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Inking Animals by Sova Huova Book Review

Inking Animals by Sova Huova Book Review

Recently I am very into watercolor and illustration.  I haven't posted much on my blog, but you can check out my IG Art By Waiyi.  You can see all my art works. So I have been reading a lot of watercolor and illustration books.  I just received this great Illustration Book called Inking Animals by Sova Huova.  I want to do a book review for this book.  Because I really like this book.

This book is great for anyone who are interested in Animals Illustration/ drawing or painting.  Sova  teach you how to paint animals with watercolor and ink.  See the contents below.


She covers the basics of Inking, drawing and watercolor of animals.  This book is perfect for beginners or even experienced artists.  And she covers all kinds of animals, from woodland to domestics, birds, exotic and imaginary creatures.   Each animal sections, she has several Step-by-Step tutorials.  My favorites are Bear, Fox, Fawn, Rabbit, Donkey, Elephant and Rhino.  See the pics below.

Inking Animals - Bear Tutorial

Inking Animals - Donkey Tutorial

Inking Animals - Fox Tutorial

Inking Animals - Fawn Tutorial

Inking Animals - Rabbit Tutorial

Inking Animals - Rhino Tutorial

Inking Animals - Elephant Tutorial

Each tutorial, she uses different techniques.  Some use wet in wet, some use just inking etc.  I learn so much from this book.  From the pics, you can see her style is more whimsical and cute side.  I really like her style.  Another thing, she covers tips about digitalize your artwork.  


In conclusion, I highly recommended this book for anyone who are interested in drawing or painting animals.  The tutorials are easy to follow.  She explains everything clearly.  And she covers a lot of different animals.

You can order her book here.

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