Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taiko no Tatsujin DS Game Review

Taiko no Tatsujin (this is the 2nd Taiko no Tatsujin DS game that Namco releases) DS Game is a rhythm game, similar to "Guitar Hero". It is very addictive game, the songs include Jpop, anime theme songs, classical music etc. The DS game comes with 2 stylus. For Wii or PS2, the games come with a drum, so you hit the drum. But for DS, you use your stylus to tap the touch screen.

There are 2 game modes, one is "story mode" and one is "song mode". For story mode, there are four destinations, each destinations has about 5 challenges. And you choose "Easy" or "Difficult" for each destination. After you passed all challenges, then you own the destinations. So far I go thu 2 destinations, but the last 2 destinations, they lock the last challenges, since I can't read Japanese, I don't know how to unlock. It is a little frustrated.

For Song Mode, you can just pick a song to play. Each song has 3 difficulty levels. If you passed, you would get a silver metal. If you got 100%, then you would get a gold metal.

When you pass certain level, you will unlock some of features, like the costumes for the Taiko, different music instructment, my favorite is "Butt", it is literally a "Butt", and it makes the "Farting" sound. It is so hilarious.

So far, my husband and I have so much fun with this game. Once I play, I can't put it down!! It is really addictive.

Here is the commerical for the game (the 1st game, not the one I write the review for), but you will get the idea how the game looks like and how does it play.

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