Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Vintage Knitting/Crochet Patterns

I got more knitting and crochet patterns last Sat, some are as old as 1940s. I was so excited to find those patterns. The patterns from 40s, I don't think I would crochet or knit them, except couple baby dresses. Most of the patterns are household items or doilies.

But I also got some from 70s, very cute and nice baby clothes patterns, I can't wait to knit or crochet them. I also got some sweaters pattern from 70s and 80s, some are really cute.

I just resized the pics of 40s patterns, will post the rest this weekend.


Disneypal said...

Oh my goodness - that 'HOW TO' book is the book that I used to teach myself crochet. I also tried to teach myself to knit but at that time couldn't quite get it (I tried to teach myself again about 3 years ago and got it that time)

But I spent many hours reading and looking at the pics and instructions from that book and teaching myself to crochet. I had a big skein of bright pink acrylic yarn and a blue (who knows what size) hook - I think it was a "J".

My parents didn't really have the extra money to fund my desire to craft so I would save up my little allowance. I bought that book when I was 10 (early 70s) at a Goodwill Book Sale for $0.25. I still have it !!

Have fun with your new patterns - you are very lucky to get your hands on them.

NameThatCandy said...

WOW!!! That is so cool!! I found someone really had read this book before. And you still have it!!

I do feel lucky to find all those old patterns, I really enjoy vintage patterns.