Friday, September 18, 2009

Treasure at Thrift Store

I always like vintage style clothes, I love their unique and classy styles. Since now I start to crochet garment and teach myself to knit, I start to look for vintage crochet and knitting pattern books, magazine or booklets etc.

Last week, Jonathan and I went to a thrift store, I found 2 old "Vogue Knitting" magazine from 2000. But that thrift store doesn't have anything old. And this afternoon, I went to a thrift store across street from my work, I found a tons of vintage knitting and crochet pattern magazines and booklets. I was thrilled. I bought 9 magazines/booklet for about $5, they are from 70s to 80s. Not really old, but most of the patterns are very fashionable, and some of them are very old-fashioned, but still it is fun to read.

One of the booklet is teach you how to knit seamless raglans, it is my favorite, it teaches from 9 months to size 50. The booklet is published by Leisure Arts at 1979.

My second favorite is Patons Cotton Top Collection, because they have a lot of crochet patterns, and they are very cute and easy to crochet, this is the only one that have crochet patterns.

My third favorite is Reynolds Booklet, I always want a Open-collared Pullover sweater (the white one) like this, it is so classy and basic, it looks great with jeans!!

My forth favorite is Pingouin Magazine No.44, the whole magazine is all about children (for 2, 4 and 6 years old). But the patterns are very cute and stylish, of course, some of them are very outdated.

Also, I bought 6 skeins Unger Utopia Worsted Weight Yarns for $5.99, I just checked the price online, it is normally about $3.49 per skein. So it is a steal!
For more pics of the rest of the vintage patterns, pls go to my flickr page:

Today is like a Christmas to me, except the treasure I found in a thrift store, I also received my order from and books from Crafters Choice Book Club. I bought a pair regular circular knitting needle, a pair interchangeable knitting needle and 3 skeins of sport weight yarns for the baby dress which I plan to knit after my Berroco Cardigan. I can't wait to try the new needles.

And the books I bought from Crafters Choice Book Club are: Custom Knits, Contemporary Crochet and Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters. I love the patterns in all the books, esp the Contemporary Crochet, it seems fairly easy and fast.


Cathy said...

I just found your blog. We're in the Cuckoo for Caron group together. I recognize all of these vintage patterns. I still love my Spinnerin books. When I bought them years ago Spinnerin was just going out of business, but one of the first patterns I made out after I taught myself to crochet was a poncho out of one of these books.

NameThatCandy said...

I love Spinnerin patterns too, it is so hard to find them nowadays!!