Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DIY Blocking Board

Recently I start to crochet garment, but I never block any of my garment, until now, I really think blocking will help the finishing look.

I saw my LYS selling blocking board for $90, it is too much for me. Then I found few websites that teach you how to make your own. So my hubby and I decide to make our own too.

We found a board from "Scrape Exchange", which is like a craft thrift store. The board is only $2, we believe that board is a panel for office cubicle. I took pics of the back, you can see the labels. And then we went to JoAnn to get the fabric, it costs about $3.50. So the total cost is less than $6. It is much better than paying $90.

I just used it to block my new cardigan. So far it works great.

The label on the back.

The label on the back.

The Back.

The Front. (My hubby is so proud of himself, coz he is the one found the board)

Finish look!

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