Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Bloomers and Diaper Cover 2 in 1

I made another diaper cover, this time I used a baby bloomers pattern (McCall's M6058), it turns out not too bad.  I had a hard time with the instruction, it is too vague, not detail enough, I was really confused, I made tons of mistakes.  End up, some part I had to do it my own way.  It probably is my problem, coz I am not an experience sewer.

The bloomers is reversible, so one side, I used cute cotton fabrics, the other side is PUL.  It looks pretty good when you look far away!! haha...  But the elastic on the legs are little bit too tight, it left rings on Lukie's legs, and the back piece seems a little short , so his prefold will show when he wears the diaper cover.  But it could be my problem, coz I did it my own way, maybe if I could be able to follow the instruction, the back wouldn't be short.  However, if he wears it as a bloomers, it fits well.  I am very happy with the result.  I am making another one, but it is half way through.  Can't wait to finish it!

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