Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Diaper Cover

Lukie's diaper covers are getting tight and old, it left "ring" on his legs, even though it is an adjustable, supposed up to 30+ lbs.  And it starts to leak around the leg areas, I don't want to buy more, so I decided to make my own.  Last week, I bought the PUL and some patterns at JoAnn.  I bought 3 different patterns, one is diaper cover, one is bloomer and the last one is panties.  I planned to sew the PUL as linning for the bloomer and panties, so Lukie doesn't need to wear prefold, diaper cover and short.  I think it will be too hot in the summer.  So I came up this idea that bloomer and diaper cover 2 in 1.  I just cut the fabrics, then I noticed that I traced the pattern wrong, so now I have to cut the fabrics again, what a waste!!  Coz I can't reuse the fabrics and PUL.  I wish the patterns are easier to trace, they are so light color, hard to read.

Anyway, last night I sewed the diaper cover, it seems very easy and simple.  I used McCall's pattern M6108, but I was wrong, it is hard to do the way the instruction says, coz the PUL is very hard to sew, the tension is always off.  So I didn't follow the instruction at all.  And the size is not really fitted, I sewed size S for Lukie, but it is very loose.  I am not too happy with the diaper cover, but it could be me.  Coz it is the first time to sew PUL and elastic, it was very challenging for me.  I will try again later, if Lukie let me.  He is really needy!!  :P

And I don't have Velcro or plastic snap buttons at home, so I used metal snap buttons I bought long time ago, so far it seems ok.  I am not sure that do I want to buy the KAM snap press or plier, it seems too much investment.

The diaper cover may not look good, but it works fine, so far it didn't leak at all.

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