Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Treasure at Thrift Store Part 2

This morning Lukie and I went Thrift Store shopping, I found some goodies for Lukie and myself. I bought a diaper cover (pull up style, which I plan to make) and few very thin cloth diapers at Goodwill, they seem to be brand new, never used. I plan to use the cloth diapers for cleaning or something else, they are too thin to use.

Then I found several vintage sewing books at Pet Retail. I am very excited when I saw the vintage sewing books, I just have a thing to vintage craft books, they are just soooo cool!! hehehe.. The books I bought are: McCall's Step by Step Sewing Book (1969), Simplicity Sewing Book (1967), Sewing for Men and Boys by Simplicity (1973) and Singer Manual for Model 634. The sewing books are 50 cent each, the manual is $2. I don't really sew garments, but I would love to do it one day. The books I got are very good book, they are heavy illustrated, very impressed!

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