Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Japanese Craft Book: DIY Teddy Bear Book

I love reading different DIY Teddy Bear books from different countries, because it is so cool to see different styles of different bear artists.  I own American Bearmaking books and Taiwanese Bearmaking books, and now I got my first Japanese Bearmaking Book.

Japanese DIY Teddy Bear Book
I really like this book, it has a lot of teddy bear patterns for different materials like mohair fabrics, quilted fabrics or just regular fabrics.  Also it has different sizes of bears as well.  The best part is that it comes with Full Size patterns, I don't need to resize it.  And it teaches you how to make clothe for teddy bears, but it doesn't come with patterns, I wish the book comes with the cloth patterns as well, not just showing you how to make it.

Japanese DIY Teddy Bear Book

Fabric Teddy Bear and Miniature Teddy Bear made of Towel and fabric

More miniature bears

Teddy Bear Backback

More Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear Family

This Japanese Craft Book: DIY teddy bear book is available at my ETSY Store.

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