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18 inch Doll Clothes / American Girl Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 Review

18 inch Doll Clothes / American Girl 

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 Review

18 inch Doll Clothes / American Girl Sewing Pattern Review

I haven't sewed for a long time.  Since I have 2 cute little dolls Emily (American Girl) and Lilian (hearts for hearts girls), I want to handmade some cute outfits for them.  Joann Fabrics had a sale on Simplicity Sewing Patterns, so I picked up 2 patterns - D0677 (as pic above) and D0680.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 Review:

- I think this pattern is a great value, there are 4 outfits and a bag patterns, included 2 tank tops, 3/4 sleeves top (the one I sewed), 1 pants, 1 shorts, 1 skirt (the pic below) and a dress.

- I love the style, it is very simple but trendy.  Not boring old fashion doll clothes.  They are like "real" fashion that I would wear every day.

- I sewed Top B and Skirt G (see more pics below)

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 - Top B

Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677 - Skirt D

- They are fairly easy to sew.  But there are some tricky parts.  Like the top you will need knit fabrics like interlock, jersey etc.  Sewing stretchy fabrics is a little bit more difficult than non-stretchy fabrics.  And you will need to sew "bias tape" in curve.  These 2 parts could be a little bit difficult for beginners.  Therefore, I would say that this pattern is for advanced beginners.

- About the fit, I would say it is "slim fit" style.  (See Pics).  Especially on the waist, it is tight fit.  If you have an older AG dolls, you may need to modify a little bit.

Handmade 18 inch doll clothes for American Girl Emily

Outdoor Shot of Simplicity D0677

- If you are looking for causal wear, I definitely recommend Simplicity D0677.  It is stylish and look great on Emily.

For Emily's Shoes:

I found this cute pair of sneakers at Michael's, I used 60% off coupon, so the total is only $3.  It is a Deal!!  Michael's has some nice selections of 18 inch doll clothes, shoes and accessories.  With coupon, they are super cheap.

18 inch doll shoes from Michael's

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  I will sew more doll clothes and will do reviews for the patterns.  Please subscribe and follow me on Instagram.  My IG is @mydollside

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