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My Newest Doll Obession - American Girl Dolls and Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll

My Newest Craft Obession - American Girl Dolls and Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls

Emily (from American Girl Doll) and Lilian (from Hearts for Hearts Girls) 

Yes, I am into the Doll World now!!  It is my newest Craft Obession.  I always like to sew girl clothes, but I have a boy, and boy sewing patterns are boring.  lol  Then one day I saw some beautiful dolls images on Instagram.  I started to fall in love with dolls.  I did a lot of research, I found out 18-inch dolls such as American Girl Dolls, Our Generations Dolls, Journey Girls Dolls are the most popular and common in the Doll Market.  And I saw there are so many sewing patterns on Etsy and the BIG Pattern companies like Simplicity, McCall's and Butterick.  

I decided to get myself a 18-inch doll, and I also found the dolls from Hearts for Hearts (h4h) are so beautiful, even though there are not too many sewing patterns for them.  But I can't help to get myself a h4h doll.

My search for Emily:

During the search for 18-inch doll, first I didn't want to get a American Girl Doll (AG), coz it is too expensive.  I was planning to get a Journey Girls (from Toy R Us).  Journey Girls are around $30.  And AG is around $115.  But I found out that Journey Girls and AG are different body shape which mean most the sewing patterns won't fit them.  Therefore, it left me no choice to get a AG doll.

American Girl Doll Retired Historical Doll - Emily Bennet

I went to AG website, I was lost, there are so many choices.  I don't know what to get.  Then I read more and more.  I know that I would want a Historical Doll, I just like the way they look and dressed, also the beautiful stories behind them.

I looked at millions pictures online.  I was down to Emily (the pic above), Kit and Felicity.  I like them all.  But I was more draw to Emily.   And I made a decision, Emily would be my first AG doll (you heard it right, I plan to get 1 or 2 more in future)  I checked Ebay, I found that there are a lot of listing for Emily.  

I found my Emily on Ebay, it was $60, the seller claimed the doll in good condition.  But once I received it, it is not.  So $60, I think it is over-priced.  I am not really happy with the seller, I messaged about that, he didn't mention anything about the big scratches on her nose and cheek, marks on her legs.  It has been 3 days, I still haven't heard from the seller.  :(

My Search for Lilan:

Hearts for Hearts Girl Retired Doll - Lilan


I also found Lilian on Ebay.  I originally plan to get Bell.  But I saw Lilian, I really love her blue eyes and her clothes.  But she is retired doll, h4h didn't make her anymore.  She is kind of rare, it is hard to find.  I found only few eBay listings for her.  I was lucky to get for a little over $20 (include shipping).  She comes with a pants for 18-inch dolls and no shoes.  So I sewed her a shorts and a pair of red shoes real quick. The new shorts and shoes look good on her, don't you think so?

Handmade Doll Shoes for Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll

More pics of Lilian and Emily:

American Girl Doll - Emily Bennet

Hearts for Hearts Girl Doll - Lilian


I just sewed Emily a top and skirt with Simplicity Sewing Pattern D0677.

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