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DIY Watercolor Color Swatch Cards Tutorial with Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp

DIY Watercolor Color Swatch Cards Tutorial with Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp 

Watercolor Color Swatch Cards


I love making Color Swatch Cards, but I hate to draw the grids etc.  Then I saw someone posted Color Swatch Card Stamp on Instagram.  I knew I needed it!!  So I did more research, I found that Waffle Flower has 2 Color Swatch Stamp Sets and a Color Wheel Stamp Set.  I have been wanting to make Color Swatch Cards, so I ordered the Color Swatch Card Stamp Set.


The Stamp is about ATC size.  It is 2"x3".  It comes with 1 stamp in this set.  They do have a Combo which includes Stamp and Dies.  


This Swatch Card Stamp includes all the important info you need for your references.  


1st Row: Masstone (it is basically the undiluted paint), 


2nd Row: You will paint your color full strength till a little past the half point, then you will do the gradient.  **I also did the "Stain Test" on this strip.


3rd Row: Name (Color Name), Brand


4th Row: G (Granulation), T (Transparency), S (Stain), LF (Lightfastness) 


Last Row: Pigment Number.  

Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp Set


I ordered the Stamp only.  It is because I have a Sizzix Album Die which I bought several years ago, and I have never opened it.  lol  I know it would be perfect for this project.  I love that it has 3 rings, so I can make it as a Color Swatch Book.


The finished Watercolor Swatch Cardswith all the info filled up.



What do you need to make Watercolor Color Swatch Card?


Waffle Flower Color Swatch Stamp:
Color Swatch Card Stamp

Color Swatch 5x7 Stamp Set



I used Bee Paper 100% Cotton 140lbs.  It is the first time I used their paper.  So far, I really like it.  The price is good, and I don't feel bad to use them as Color Swatch Cards.  I can't wait to paint with it.  It will be a great alternative for Arches Papers.  And it will save me a lot of money.


Ink Pad:

StarzOn or any Permanent Ink Pad, make sure it is not Water based.  


Stamp Block:

Any Acrylic Block will work.

But I used my DIY Stamp Positioning Tool.



In this video, I used Daniel Smith Prima Tek Set



I used Black Velvet Round Brush Size 6.


Here is the tutorial video:





 You can see the finished Water Color Swatch Card below.


This one is Sennelier Lemon Yellow Color Swatch Card




I am highly recommend this stamp for anyone.  I think Color Swatch Cards are essentially for painting.  It comes with handy when you try to color match.  Also, you learn so much more about your paints when you are painting the Swatch Cards.  And I think their prices are very reasonable.   


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