Monday, June 15, 2020

"Chibi Art Class" by Yoai Book Review and Flip Through Video

"Chibi Art Class" by Yoai Book Review and Flip Through Video

Chibi Art Class by Yaoi

I want to take a short break from "Serious Portraits Paintings".  I want to paint something that is cute and quick.  Since I love Japanese Manga and Anime, so I decided to paint some chibi characters.  I did some research online and found Yoai's book, it has very good reviews and I love her style, so I ordered it on Amazon.  

Chibi Art Class Flip through Video:

Here is what I think about this book:

This book covers materials, chibi basics, 17 step by step tutorials (includes girls, boys and beasties), inspired gallery etc.  Yoai used different medias (watercolor, marker and color pencils) on the tutorials, so you can learn to color in different ways.  Her instruction is very easy to follow. My 10 years old son enjoys this book as well.

I followed several of her tutorials, I did modify a bit, like I used watercolor and changed the colors.

Chibi Art Class: Watercolor Chibi Drawing

Chibi Art Class: Chibi Style Watercolor Drawings
Chibi Art Class:  Watercolor Chibi Drawings

Chibi Art Class: Watercolor Chibi Manga Drawing


I highly recommend this book if you want to learn Chibi Style.  This book write in simple instruction, and clear step by step pics.   It is a great book for all ages.

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